What’s The Best Way to Spend Your Christmas Bonus?

What’s The Best Way to Spend Your Christmas Bonus?

Are you going to buy a new smartphone? A new laptop? Update your wardrobe with trendy outfits? A new set of furniture? There are tons of items on sale this season!

Oh, the list of the things you want could go on and on. With the era of online shopping at its peak, impulse buying has never been more rampant. If you give in, your Christmas bonus will surely be gone in a blink of an eye. Are you okay with that?

Stop yourself from making a financial disaster. Here are a couple of tips to help you make the best out of your 13th-month bonus.


Pay debts

Are you tired of being constantly told by friends, relatives, and collection agencies to pay up? Well, now is your chance to redeem yourself. Welcome 2020 with less debt on your shoulders by using your 13th-month bonus to pay off what you owe. Sure, this seems like a killjoy move, but on the bright side, you’ll get to avoid added interest from your loans. You also won’t feel as stressed for the rest of the coming year― that in itself is a treat already.


Save it 

Don’t have debts to pay? Don’t know what to get yourself? Good for you! Stash away your Christmas bonus until the right time comes. Once you find something worth investing on, getting the funds won’t be a problem since you have extra cash on hand.


Treat yourself

It’s your money, so you deserve a little something for your hard work too. Think of the things that you want. Then, ask yourself if there is a cheaper alternative. Looking for bargains in the market can save you a pretty penny. It also stops you from buying products instantly and helps you rethink your choices.


Give gifts

Here’s a truth not a lot of people realize. Christmas isn’t about buying the most expensive gifts for your loved ones. Rather it’s about making them feel cherished. It’s fine to give a trinket as a token of your affection, but you don’t have to crank up the cost too much! Besides, the people who REALLY care about you won’t obsess about the price tag at all.


Start an emergency fund

You can never tell what can happen in the future. Who knows? Some months from now you might need to prepare a big sum of cash for a certain situation. One can never tell, so it helps to stay prepared.



If you have extra money to spare, why not use it to secure your future? There are many options when it comes to making investments. Don’t know where to start? Try approaching banks. They often come with investment portfolios fit even for beginners like you. If that doesn’t sound too appealing, you can also invest in your future by buying a home. Use your 13-month bonus as a down payment for a property in one of the many pocket neighborhoods in Cebu. This option isn’t just a gift you can give yourself, but your whole family too! Don’t you think that’s the BEST way to spend your Christmas bonus?

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