Top Feng Shui Tips To Welcome Luck In Your Homes!

Are you moving to a brand new place? Or are you just planning to redesign your place? A lot of homeowners decide to spruce up their houses to bring success, wealth, and good health to their families. And even if others don’t believe in Feng Shui, the results of using Feng Shui in design are surprisingly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The question is: How can you apply Feng Shui principles to effectively bring positive energy into your home?

What’s Feng Shui?

First things first: What’s Feng Shui?

Feng Shui started in China and has been practiced for several thousand years. The Chinese think it can have an impact on a person’s family life, job, fortune, marriage, health, and other aspects. A healthy ‘qi’, or energy, the environment may have a hugely beneficial influence on a person and inevitably alter their happiness and level of achievement in different parts of their life.

Home Feng Shui Tips

Do you want to spice things in your space for a change?

Before you start customizing your place, try out these fun Feng Shui tips you can do to invite good energy into your home!

1. Keep it clean, and don’t wear dirty shoes near the door.

Messy book stacks, heaps of shoes by the front door, and a closet crammed with clothes you seldom wear should all be removed or straightened. Clutter disrupts the flow of healthy ‘qi’ in the home and may even elevate anxiety levels in what is intended to be a haven of relaxation and refreshment. It is considered bad Feng Shui to have too many pairs of unclean shoes by the main door, therefore get rid of those worn-out shoes and keep your shoes neatly stored in shoe cabinets.

2. Refresh your walls with a new coat of paint — brown has always been a neutral color that’s believed to attract peace!

Do you feel like restoring your peace? Why not spruce up your property with a new coat of paint?

Colors are believed to have symbolic implications in Feng Shui techniques, so employ them to improve the look and feel of your house and life. All colors of brown, including khaki, sandy brown, and beige, are ideal for your house if you wish to bring more zen and peace. These colors are connected with stability and support because they offer order and security in your life and home.

3. Install a water feature in your living room’s southern section.

Water is a sign of prosperity in classical Feng Shui, thus it is given special attention. Water components in your house might assist you in attracting success into your life. It is also suggested in Feng Shui, that you place a water feature at the south corner of your home. However, be certain that it is correctly placed, as a leak may lead you to lose money!

4. Keep your front door clean and in good condition.

Bring in good fortune by keeping your front entrance clean and well-maintained! According to Feng Shui concepts, the front door is the entryway into the home via which ‘qi’ flows. Check that the door hinges are properly greased and that the paint on the door is not flaking. Because brown is the Feng Shui color of the year, it is suggested that a brown carpet be placed at the entry to bring in good luck!

5. Keep the curtains clean and the house well-lit.

The living room is where your family spends most of their time together, thus it is critical that the space has good Feng Shui and gives good fortune to everyone who comes. Make sure that light may readily enter the area and spreads evenly around the living room. To bring in good fortune and prosperity, replace any defective light bulbs and keep your living area bright. Keep your drapes and windows clean as well to enable fresh and clean ‘qi’ to enter your home. Dusty windows are an absolute no-no.

Bottom Line

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, many of these Chinese traditions and beliefs make sense. They make your place clean and look zen too!

Many Filipinos believe in Feng Shui and it might come in handy once you decide to sell and use your property as an investment.

Investing in properties is a tedious yet fun process to go through. But, it gives a sense of fulfillment knowing that you’re living on the money you worked so hard for, which can also be a great asset in the future.

Ready to invest in a new home? Contact us today! IRL Properties is always here to cater to your needs.

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