Top 5 Home Design Tips for Every “Plantito” and “Plantita”

Top 5 Home Design Tips for Every “Plantito” and “Plantita”

Are you a certified “plantito” or “plantita”? This is an adapted terminology in the Philippines for individuals who enjoy taking care of plants which mostly developed at the height of the pandemic. From selling and buying, plants have eventually become a staple for interior home decorations, especially for self-confessed plant lovers.

Interestingly, plants as interior decorations are no longer new in the industry. They are even more attractive for modern-type structures because of the color and texture that they add. So if you’re a plantito or plantita who is looking for a little help in putting up all your favored plants inside your home or your room, or perhaps in your office, here are helpful tips you could look into.

1. Group different plants together.

If you want to put together plants as a group in one corner, consider the color, height, and leaf shape. Their colors should be closely similar in hue. Their height is flexible but your goal should be to create a layered effect. Their leaf shapes should be different from each other so they would complement each other. Furthermore, group plants together in odd numbers such as three, five, or seven so that you can get an aesthetic appeal.

2. Know your plant’s lighting needs.

Different plants also have different lighting needs. Some can endure the scorching heat of the sunshine that enters the room or any bright light for that matter, while others are gentler in nature. You should know which specific plants you could position in a particular room to ensure that it thrives there and does not wither.

3. Maximize plants with variegated leaves.

Variegated leaves are leaves that contain more than one color. Because of their natural beauty, they are already an attraction by themselves. The great spots where variegated leaves could be placed are empty spaces or those corners in between large furniture pieces, unused fireplace hearth, or at the foot of a staircase. It is ideal to put them together with pure green leaves so they stand out and in groups of three or five.

4. Put tall plants as columns.

Clearly, taller indoor plants are best positioned as columns in the room especially if they already look tree-like. There are different kinds of taller plants that you can select but among their ideal locations for interior design are the staircase landing, on either side of the inner part of the door, or just filling out an empty corner. However, you have to pay attention to the lighting needs of these plants as many tall plants require hours of indirect bright light.

5. Put the smaller plants on tables and hanging baskets.

Aside from a dining table, do yo also have a coffee table, nightstand, or office table at home? You can liven up this area by putting succulents, prayer plants, or ferns. Furthermore, you can add variety when you put in hanging baskets in certain areas at home, which would be ideal for orchids, baby tears, and yes, some types of ferns as well.

Can you feel the excitement of decorating your own room or home? We hope these tips inspired you to unleash your creativity in designing your beloved home. After all, you would want to make it feel like your sanctuary and place of refuge.

But, if you’re still looking for your dream home, you could always take your pick from our different property designs here. When you found the design you love, we’ll be happy to assist!

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