The Top 3 Reasons an OFW Should Invest in Real Estate

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) leave the country and their loved ones to pursue better opportunities abroad. This is a sacrifice that many Filipinos do in order to provide a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

For those who have been working for years, their savings may already allow them to explore investment opportunities to create additional sources of income. And with so many investment opportunities in the country, OFWs will want to explore which ones best suit their needs and budget. Among the many investment opportunities available, investing in real estate is a very attractive option for many OFWs.

As an OFW, if you’re considering investing in real estate – or if you’re wondering why investing in it is a good idea, this blog is for you! Below, we talk about the top 3 reasons why an OFW should invest in real estate.

✔️ The worth of a property rises over time.

Over time, the value of real estate property changes, typically for the better. This is one of the major advantages of investing in real estate investment in the Philippines. Real estate can increase in value, unlike other expensive commodities like cars and designer handbags that can devalue quickly.

✔️ It broadens the asset allocation you have.

Your investment portfolio will become more stable if you make real estate investments in the Philippines. You may already be aware that the value of stocks, mutual funds, and other similar securities can fluctuate according to the state of the market.

Your real estate property’s value is likely to be steady in situations when the value of stocks and mutual funds declines at a certain moment, preventing you from losing a significant amount of assets or money.

✔️ You can profit from it.

The complete conversion of your property is another option to make it a source of revenue. For instance, you may convert the home on your corner lot into a quaint bistro or small café. You can make your property into a resort if you’ve purchased a sizable one that can readily handle big groups of people. You can also rent out your property.

Turn your home into an Airbnb and cater to short-term guests. Also, this isn’t just limited to residential properties. You can also buy land in strategic locations and turn it into commercial properties for rent for businesses. You can also wait for your property’s value to appreciate, then sell it at a much higher price later on.


As an OFW, you want to make the most of every dollar you’ve worked so hard to earn. You may have real estate investing in the Philippines on your mind, but keep in mind that it won’t be simple, especially if you’re just getting started.

Ask others who have already purchased a house for advice, study articles from reliable sources, or consult a reliable real estate developer to arm yourself with knowledge. Arm yourself with information by consulting professionals, asking people who have already bought a property, and by reading articles from trustworthy resources.

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