The Secrets of Color Psychology in Decorating Your Home

Are you super excited to move into your new home? Do you already have your design ideas in mind? What colors would you like to apply in different parts of the home?

Well, color psychology has you covered. What is color psychology? It is a helpful tool to guide you in deciding which hues you could apply in your home, both outdoor and indoors. Each color exudes a particular feel or ambiance that you would want to achieve depending on what you want to experience.

But, here are the general guidelines when applying the secrets of color psychology when designing your home.

Red. This hue is very intense by nature, so it presents an ambiance of energy, action, and adrenaline. If you have a home office, painting it red or a closer color would be an ideal recommendation. You could also apply this color to the doorway as it suggests strength and great impression.

Blue. This color is always associated with calmness and peace. Interior designers observe that when blue is used in a room, it could help bring down blood pressure and regulate the heart rate. Because of this common perception, blue is ideal to be applied in bedrooms where dwellers want to relax and just rest their day away.

Yellow. This color represents the sunlight, and how it brings warmth and positivity. Yellow is a great recommendation for dining rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms where a welcoming atmosphere is nurtured.

Green. Green is considered a dynamic color as it can be applied to practically any area in the house. It exudes the ambiance of balance and growth as it directs the mind to nature. Wherever you paint green at home, it adds a level of warmth, too, for a sense of more comfort and togetherness.

Neutral Colors. These are hues involving white, grey, black, and brown. These are considered flexible colors because you could add them as highlights or foundations to the current hues you have selected. They could also inspire feelings of calmness, security, and even confidence and mystery.

Selecting Your Home

Thinking about the best color scheme to apply in your home would be an exciting item to include in your moving-in plans. If you also need a visual reference of the kind of home you would like to add these colors into, we have great options to show you. Check our different properties here. And if you also want some help as a new home-buyer, just contact us to submit your inquiries.

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