The 3rd Mactan Bridge & Its Effects on Cebu’s Real Estate

The 3rd Mactan Bridge & Its Effects on Cebu’s Real Estate

Excited to see how the Third Mactan Bridge will affect real estate in Cebu? We are too!

Cebu has two major bridges currently connecting the island to Mactan. Right now, the CCLEX (Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway or the “Third Mactan Bridge”) is under-construction and is one of the most-awaited infrastructure in the recent years.

According to the officials behind this project, the construction reaches completion in 2021. It’s right in time for the 500th anniversary of Christianity’s welcome into the country too!

Aside from that, there are key features that the third Mactan bridge is envisioned to offer. This includes managing traffic from the two existing bridges connected to the island. It also serves as a direct path for people in Cordova to Cebu and vice versa. With these factors in place, business in all aspects is said to boom.

But, how does it affect real estate specifically?


1. Land value is bound to increase.

Local properties now hold a lot more potential compared to ten years ago. Can you imagine the possibilities? What kind of facilities do you think will thrive once the bridge actually gets completed?

If you want to get the best value for house and lots, now is a good time to make an investment. Waiting too long can hike up the price out of your wallet. Or worse, you might no longer have any premium spots to choose from. In case you’re still on the fence about cashing in a good sum for real estate, doing some research helps.


2. Property developments to rise.

In fact, the local government has already taken steps to improve the town of Cordova. There have been talks of road widening and expanding the road network. New traffic codes are also being settled in. By the time the bridge is complete, Cordova is ready to take in the bustle of modern city life from mainland Cebu.

Of course, you can’t forget about all of Mactan either. The projects that start in Cordova will surely continue to ripple around the area. Mactan will no longer only be known as the hub for the airport. But, as a prime spot for investors and interested homeowners as well.


3. Developers keen on building more.

Most projects will be centered on townships and leisure-oriented estates. This is in response to the expected increase of tourists coming in from mainland Cebu. Still, that’s not the only thing developers have in mind. With fresh commercial land to toil, Cordova serves as a great nesting place for pocket subdivisions and the like.

This effect isn’t just concentrated on Cordova either. It radiates to all of Mactan and further! Soon, this local patch of land might even compete with the industry in the capital. Modernization is here and we have the power to mold it in our own hands. All thanks to CCLEX.


4. Partnerships will bloom.

Who’s to say local investors are the only ones who have their eye on real estate? Thanks to this new infrastructure, international investors are sure to join in. Can you blame them? There’s a lot of business potential to go around.

Perhaps, even you, yourself might even be interested! It’s never too early to invest in real estate in Cebu. The property you get a hold of now can value a lot more in the upcoming years. Why not bulk up your assets with something substantial? Invest in your future today!

In conclusion

All in all, the third Mactan bridge bodes positive news for real estate. There will be more prime locations, better roads, and added access to amenities. This means more business or employment opportunities for everyone.

How about you? What do you think will be the effect of the third Mactan Bridge on the real estate market in Cebu? Share this blog post with your family and friends today!

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