Pocket Subdivisions are the Future: 4 Reasons Why

Pocket Subdivisions are the Future: 4 Reasons Why

As time changes, so do people’s needs. Gone are the days when peaceful living meant you had to live far from the city. Now, if you don’t have housing options that have ready access to conveniences and facilities such as schools, grocery stores, malls, hospitals, and the like, you’re considered out of the loop.

Because of this, the need for affordable real estate in the city grew and pocket subdivisions were born.


What are pocket subdivisions?

They are a collection of smaller housing lots nestled together within the midst of the urban area. With modern living at its peak, these structures have become more popular as of late because:


1. They put forgotten spaces to use.

A lot of developed cities (such as Cebu City in the Philippines) still have certain patches of empty lots here and there. But, with the rise of pocket subdivisions, those vacant spaces were put into good use. As these houses are usually well-kept, it is also able to bring up the property value around the development zone.

On another note, these living spaces are created and designed by professionals, so you can trust that it’s built with refreshing and cohesive architecture.


2. They make amenities largely available.

Would you like to have a gazebo, guest room, or porch… but you don’t have enough resources to have it built for yourself?

Well, worry not. Pocket subdivisions have got you covered. The houses within it are all closely constructed for the purpose of allowing shared use of such amenities. As an added bonus, you won’t even have to maintain those amenities yourself as the housing association behind the pocket subdivision will be the one in charge of that. Now, isn’t that truly the best value you can get for your money?


3.They give added privacy.

Indeed, apartments and other multi-family housing are other options you might have considered… but do you really want to share space with 40 other neighbors?

If you’re open to living in tight-knit communities but want to keep a bit of privacy to yourself, then pocket subdivisions should definitely be something to consider. With it, you will be able to enjoy the same quality of privacy offered by a single-family home, as well as, the amenities that come with an apartment development or townhome.


4. They offer the best value.

A house in a private lot can be very pricey – and if you want to spend less, you’ll end up having to build your home far away from the city where real estate and construction costs are cheaper. Luckily for you, that is not the only option when you want to establish your home within the heart of the city.

Take pocket subdivisions, for example. Since they offer a smaller lot area, they are more affordable too. Yet, don’t be so quick to think that they are subpar. If anything, these houses offer a comfortable living space without creating a big dent in your finances.

Without a doubt, pocket subdivisions make a great investment. For one thing, they give you ready access to urban areas in the city. Not only will they gain property value over time, but they also provide you the freedom to remodel in the future. As an added bonus, pocket subdivisions also help you build better and closer relationships with your neighbors. Isn’t that fantastic?

If you think so too, then you should definitely browse through the offers that we have on our website. We can help you get a place of your own in a quaint little pocket subdivision of your choice.


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