Multi-Generational Family: Why Living in Cebu is Great

Multi-Generational Family: Why Living in Cebu is Great

Multi-generational families are common. These are families where the grandparents, parents, and children live together. With this family setup, it is important that their residence caters to the needs of every age group.

Cebu is a great place for multi-generational families like yours. Check out the reasons below to know why.


1. Plenty of job opportunities

Many people consider Cebu as the second biggest metropolitan city after Manila, the capital. It is a highly urbanized area with lots of residents and tourists at the same time.

Businesses are booming, too. Various industries are in existence in Cebu, ranging from construction to business process outsourcing. These businesses create a lot of opportunities which are perfect for parents trying to earn money to meet their family’s needs. Living in Cebu means you have different choices for jobs and careers.


2. Top schools and universities

Cebu is the home of several top schools and universities. These include the University of Cebu, University of San Carlos, University of the Visayas, University of the Philippines – Visayas, and University of San Jose – Recoletos, among others. These schools and universities offer different educational programs. At the same time, there are also high schools and elementary schools all over the province.

You want the best education for your children. What better way to help them get the education they need than to enroll them in one of the top educational institutions in Metro Cebu. You can find the right schools for your children of any school age within distance from residential properties.


3. Retirement homes

Do not forget about the senior members of your multi-generational family. There are many homes and residential developments in Cebu that are perfect for retirees. Your older loved ones will like living in the city with homes that are specially made for their convenience. Some areas where these homes can be situated are in Guadalupe and in Mactan Newtown.


4. Recreational activities for the entire family

Living in Cebu makes it easy for any multi-generational family to find recreational activities that every member will enjoy. Little children can enjoy the water parks and beaches. Parents can enjoy fine dining restaurants. Grandparents can have fun with free zumba in various malls. There are a lot more!

You will not run out of fun activities for your family to do in Cebu. No matter what kind of hobby your loved ones may find enjoyable, Cebu offers it.


5. Reliable medical facilities

Health is important. You need to make sure that every member of your family will be able to receive the right medical care in case something happens.

Cebu has numerous medical facilities and healthcare institutions that can help you and your family with your medical and healthcare needs. Some of the known hospitals in the metro include Chong Hua Hospital, Perpetual Succor Hospital, UC Med, and more.


Are you ready to move?

Cebu is waiting for you. Let your multi-generational family live in a nice residential home from IRL Properties. We have plenty of properties you can choose from! Message us now or leave a comment about this blog. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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