How You Can Help Your Child Adjust to Your New Home

5 Tips: How You Can Help Your Child Adjust to Your New Home

Transitions happen often in life, but these can be stressful, especially for your child. One of these significant transitions is moving to a new home. This entails a new environment, another adjustment, and some more mental and emotional stress for your child.

Is there anything you can do to make this move more manageable? Not there is, but there are.

Here are 5 helpful tips you could do to make moving to a new home a more welcome change for your child.

Tip #1. Make the planning FUN.

The move to another place requires rigorous planning on your part. With all the considerations you have to make, planning could also take its toll on you. But, this should not keep you from integrating the fun in the process especially if you have children with you. You could talk about these plans during fun activities or do a storytelling activity when opening up about the move.

Tip #2. Solicit their IDEAS for the new house.

Allow your child to share their thoughts or ideas about the new house that you’ll be moving into. You can ask them about what paint color they like, how they like their room to be, and what kind of experiences they would like to try once you get there. Getting them involved shifts their mind to that focus of making a manageable move.

Tip #3. Make regular GOODBYES.

It also helps if your child gets to do regular goodbyes with their friends or their favorite places verbally. These expressions could mentally prepare them for the reality of changes. You could even intentionally arrange for family activities in these important locations so your child can have some sense of closure in leaving.

Tip #4. Prepare for more TRANSITIONS.

As parents, it is also helpful to remember that moving to a new home is just one of the many transitions that your child could face. Once you get there, the child will still need to adjust to a new school, neighborhood, meeting new friends, and even language if you’re moving to another country. Set this expectation for yourself so that you could also make adjustments that are manageable for you.

Tip #5. Let them look FORWARD.

Excitement is also your ally when it comes to making significant life transitions. Set the mood for exciting anticipation when you are going to move. Highlight the nice places you could visit, exciting activities they could do, and even the great friends they could meet. This sense of looking forward could help them calm down if they feel anxious about the uncertainty of the new place.

Take away:

It is never easy for a child to adjust to new changes especially if they have already made connections in their original location. But with your help, your child could face these changes well, and may even get excited about it.

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