Home Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners in the Philippines

Just got your new home in the Philippines? Congratulations! Owning a home is definitely a journey – and one that comes with responsibilities. Your home is your shelter against the weather, animals, and more so it’s definitely a priority to maintain and preserve it for as long as you can.

Here are some practical home maintenance advice that new homeowners can follow to ensure a comfortable and safe living environment.

How to Deal with Humidity

In a tropical country like the Philippines, humidity is definitely a common issue. Hot and humid homes are usually victims of musty odors and mold growth, potentially leading to damages. They can even harm your and your family’s health.

One of the things you can do to address humidity is ensuring good ventilation throughout your home. Opening the windows, installing exhaust fans, and even using dehumidifiers are great steps to take which can reduce humidity levels in the property.

Most importantly, always dust and clean your home so moisture and mold won’t build up. Consider creating and following a cleaning schedule specifically for this purpose.

How to Deal with Pests

Being that Cebu is a tropical place, you can also expect that there are unwanted guests wanting to enter and even stay in your property. These can include cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, bees, and others.

Keep these pests at bay by sealing any crack or gap you find in the structure. Make sure to keep your yard clean and trimmed as well since it can be a habitat and hiding spot for many pests. Also, don’t skimp on regular cleaning!

If you find pests uncontrollable, find a reputable pest control company to help ward these off from your home.

Regular and Seasonal Inspections

Inspect your roof, gutters, plumbing, writing, walls, and foundation regularly before these become bigger problems. Check for leaks, cracks, loose connections, and more. Be proactive in identifying such issues so they don’t drain money out of your wallet.

Additionally, you also have to inspect your home during rainy season, dry season, and after typhoons. These events can be intense and can affect the structure negatively.

Consider Home Insurance

Most homeowners tend to overlook home insurance but it is actually important in protecting your investment – after all, your home is an investment. Having home insurance can help you gain peace of mind since they can cover the costs associated with unforeseen circumstances.

There are different coverage for home insurance. There are those that can help cover the costs of repairs and replacements during natural disasters such as floods, typhoons, and earthquakes. There are also those that can cover the costs of the items that may have been damaged by vandalism or stolen from your home.


Buying and owning a residential property in Cebu or in the Philippines is definitely an achievement. However, it’s also one that is coupled with responsibilities. These tips can help you protect your asset and ensure that your and your family’s living environment is safe and comfortable.

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