Cebu is Growing Fast with Three New Infrastructures!

Cebu is Growing Fast with Three New Infrastructures!

For the longest time, commerce and trade only sprouted in the capital of our country. Now, times are changing. Cebu, being the Queen City of the South is finally on the rise. Here are the new infrastructures you should keep your eyes on:


1. The passenger terminal building located at Mactan Cebu International Airport

Are you looking for routes to travel abroad aside from the NAIA terminal? Well, this new construction is made just for Cebu and its surrounding regions. It has a total capacity of 8 million passengers per year! Now, that’s quite a large number. With other infrastructures on the way, the number of passengers to come and go will only rise by the year.


2. The Metro Cebu Expressway

Say goodbye to traffic! The Metro Cebu Expressway has a total of six lanes to accommodate travelers to and fro the city. You won’t have to get sidetracked during long trips. It’s because everything in the city becomes reachable with this expressway at work.


3. The Cebu International Container Port

There has been a growing number of shipments docked at the old container port. To remedy this dilemma, a new base port is being constructed. This serves to not only relieve pressure on the base port, but also to improve all existing transport systems. With this new port installed by 2022, the flow of goods and services won’t be easily congested anymore.


How do these affect the city?


It heightens convenience.

How many minutes do you spend to get from one place to the next? If you’re a traveler that’s tired of connecting flights and more waiting time, Cebu City has a solution for you. With new open roads and terminals, traveling for business or pleasure is easier.

It relieves traffic.

Time is a valuable resource. Once it has passed, it’s gone forever. We know this and yet we continue to let hours of traffic get the most out of our day. If you want to live in an urbanized city minus long waiting times, Cebu City is about to become just that. Thanks to the up and coming infrastructures, road trips become more enjoyable.

It brings business opportunities.

Open roads and ports bring a rush of people in and out of the city. Do you know what this means? More clients for you! Business and job opportunities continue to develop one after the other as the city grows.

Of course, there remains to be an unspoken first come, first serve policy as well. The earlier you get started, the more resources and clients you can have. If you don’t have a spot within the many pocket neighborhoods in Cebu city, now is your chance to get one and be closer to the business melting pot of the city.

It raises property value.

Everyone wants direct access to an international airport, an express lane, and an upgraded container port, right? Well, the higher the demand, the higher the value. With this many positive points, there’s no doubt that local properties will enjoy a bump on the price tag over time.


If you’re looking to invest in real estate, Cebu city is the place to be. These infrastructures are just the beginning of it. Once those are set in place, business opportunities are bound to rise from every corner. By then, your real estate assets will be worth more than it is now!

Invest in your future today by buying your own spot in one of the many pocket subdivisions in the city. Count on us to help you get started!


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