A New Home is a Blank Canvas

A New Home is a Blank Canvas

If you are looking to purchase your first home or have just signed on the dotted line, congratulations! You now have a place to call your own.

When you first move in, it is only natural to want to put your own personal stamp on the space. But where do you begin? Between selecting the best paint color for your living room to splurging on new furniture, there is a lot to consider.

IRLanozo Properties lists 4 simple ways that can help you put your own personal stamp on the space and make your house feel like home.


1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing will transform and personalize your house more than a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that fits your space and complements your personality. Paint is not permanent so feel free to experiment with colors until you find a color scheme that you love! Also, do not be afraid to use different colors throughout your home.

Don’t want to paint? Another low-cost alternative is applying your favorite wallpaper. They now come in a variety of patterns and designs, giving you tons of options!

Bonus: Make sure to paint your space before moving any furniture in. After all, painting an empty house is easier than worrying about moving furniture or covering everything in plastic.


2. Display Personal Photos

Displaying your personal and family photos is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a new place feel like home. Add framed photos of your family and friends, as well as photos of your favorite trips from the past. You can print large photographs to hang as centerpieces on your walls, or you can print small versions to place in standing frames on desks. People will enjoy seeing your home filled with your favorite photographs, and you will always be reminded of your favorite memories while you sit and relax.

Bonus: Worried about putting holes in the walls before finalizing how everything should be arranged? Instead of nails, use removable picture-hanging strips. Also, you can find cheap picture frames for your photos at thrift stores, which you can then paint to match the interior of your home.


3. Splurge on Lighting

Generic lighting may be the easy choice, but they generally lack personality. Personalize your lighting by purchasing new, more decorative options. Look for light fixtures to work as your primary light source that match the general style of the room. For instance, you can use small decorative lamps to add light and flare for corners. Want to use multiple lights in one room? Try to vary the colors, shapes, and sizes of the lamps unless they are a matching set.

Bonus: Interested in DIY? Purchase old lamps from a thrift store and cover them in fabric or spray paint them for a fresh new look. Also, you can never have too much light so do not be afraid to use several light fixtures in a small area or single room.


4. Hang Up New Window Treatments

Window treatments are some of the most underused style tools in decorating a new home. Whether you go for simple roller shades, tailored blinds or textured bamboo, or new curtains, hanging up new window treatments can make a space look and feel more polished. Looking to brighten up your room? Use curtains with plenty of color or patterns. If you would like to keep a specific room dark (i.e. your bedroom), use drapes in dark colors or room-darkening curtains to block out light.

Bonus: When selecting window treatments, make sure that it matches your furniture or color scheme for a consistent look.


The Bottom Line

These 4 simple tips can help you get started, but you should adjust your decor according to your own preferences and tastes. While you can use these tips to get started, do not be afraid to disregard them and go with your instincts if something feels right to you. Moving into a new home can mark the start of your new life, so make sure to put your own personal stamp on it and make it your own!

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