5 Tricks to Beautify Your Home with House Plants

Are you a certified green thumb? Well, you would be relieved to know that even if you answered NO, you could still beautify your home with the right choice of house plants.

The pandemic has opened doors for many different forms of hobbies, and one of these is home decorations. We were asked to stay at home after all. No wonder houseplants have become an exciting discovery for those who have just re-ignited their love for nature, wellness, and everything healthy.

Whether you’re still getting started in doing home decorations or not, here are great tricks you could make use of when decorating your home or room with houseplants.

#1 – Start with Simple Plants

You can’t go wrong with selecting simple varieties of plants. These are what you would consider as easy to tend and grow. Also, start with a small number of plants since you still have to get to know how to care for each of them slowly. Common examples are snake plants, succulents, cacti, and bamboo.

#2 – Consult a Garden Center Near You

If you haven’t done it yet, it would be a great activity to visit your nearest garden center and purchase your plants from there. These plants are tended by professionals who could advise you on the best options for your home and your ability to care whether as a beginner or hobbyist.

#3 – Match a Plant with Your Home Theme

Homeowners want to display their personality and character in their home decorations. If you want to add up on putting houseplants, you could match your theme with the kind of plants you decorate. For instance, if your concept is that of a farm look, functional plants would be great picks such as herbs, succulents, or eucalyptus.

#4 – Decorate with Contrast

If you really want to put up plants as home decorations, try to experiment with contrast. Putting one plant in a place could make it look lonely. But putting at least three different plants together could achieve beauty in contrast. You may follow the so-called “rule of three”, which is the principle of making three different items together so they would look appealing to the eyes.

#5 – Choose Creative Plant Stands

Aside from the plants themselves, plant stands could also do a great thing in beautifying your home, whether you put the houseplants indoors or outdoor. Select a creative plant stand that would fit your home theme to liven up the beauty you want to achieve.

Do you have a decoration dream for your home? Let these tricks add up to the insights you already have up in your sleeves.

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