4 Things Fresh College Grads Should Invest In

4 Things Fresh College Grads Should Invest In

So, you just graduated! Congrats! Your hard work has definitely paid off. What’s next?

A new chapter of your life unfolds. Now that you’re done with school, your next stop is to be a part of the workforce― and do you know what that means? You’re well on your way to getting your FIRST PAYCHECK!

Isn’t it exciting? Think of all the fun things you can buy or treat yourself to! New clothes, new phone, new makeup, new car… It’s super easy to get carried away when you have more spending power than you used to!

A word of advice? Be careful not to spend all your cash in one go! (Surely, you don’t want to experience “Pecha de Peligro” for the rest of the month, do you?)

Rather than burning your cold hard cash on passing fads, why not use it to invest in your future? There’s so much more you can do with your money as a young adult. Curious to know what those may be? Then keep reading!


1. Learn new skills

You may be through with school, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop learning too! Go ahead and sign up for a class or get a post-grad degree. If you REALLY want to make bank, learning skills are only the start of it. Remember, the more qualifications you have, the more in demand you’ll be with employers.

Yet, don’t only focus on learning either! You need to put in some elbow grease and act too. Experience is your best mentor when it comes to learning new skills. Besides, you need it to step up your career.


2. Create a savings account and get insurance

With the amount you’re earning now, it’s easy to think that you’ll be set for life. Yet, who knows what the future holds? A bump in the road might come along― the literal kind― and cause an accident, costing you thousands out of the pocket. Or it can be the metaphorical kind― like a loved one getting ill and racking up thousands in hospital bills. How will you recover?

That’s exactly why having savings and insurance are important. Make it a habit to put aside at least 3-6 months’ worth of your salary for safekeeping!


3. Plan for retirement

Wait, wait, wait. You just started working… and now you have to think about retirement?! That may seem silly to you now, but yes, in fact, you do. The sooner you start saving up (even if it’s only a tiny amount), the greater it will blow up in the future. It’s all thanks to the power of compounding!

Of course, you’ll need to rank where saving for retirement sits on your priorities list. It’s not a pressing matter when compared to rent or food expenses, but it’s more important than going on a road trip. Think of it this way: If you fund your retirement well enough, you can travel all you want later in life!


4. Start saving up for a home

Don’t you plan on settling down a few years from now? Whether you want to have a family or you’ve decided on being single, having a place to yourself is always a plus. You’re free to decorate the place, set your own rules, and have guests over. No one can tell you otherwise.

There are tons of best value house and lots in Cebu, and yes, they are yours for the taking. All you have to do is set aside a bit of money for it every time you get your paycheck. Being a homeowner is more possible than you think it is. (Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about it!)


The Takeaway…

Being aware of finances at your age pays off A LOT. The time and money you set aside now will grow and secure your future.

While you make your hustles count, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy yourself too! It’s easy to get burnt out and that’s not something you want to happen. Never think twice about rewarding your efforts, just make sure that you stay on budget!

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